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Coyote Software – product update 27

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Custom Key Stats | Coyote Market

Coyote is used across many different asset classes, and we appreciate there are key stats related to particular sectors, and sometimes metrics important to specific investors, which don’t already exist in Coyote.

So today, we can provide you with a choice of customised key stats in Coyote Market!

Let your Client Services Manager know any custom key stats that you’d like to capture in Coyote; you specify the title and the data type (choose from currency, number, percentage or area) and we’ll do the rest.

So for example, if operating assets are your speciality and “Annual Turnover” is something you’d like to record in Coyote, now you can.

Or if your market assets include retail, you can now log “ITZA Areas” in Coyote.

Please speak to your Client Services Manager to activate this feature on your account.

Arrears | Coyote Managed

Also included in this release is the ability to export arrears tables to Excel, as you would with any other table in Coyote Managed.

We had several requests from clients looking to export arrears data from Coyote to Excel, and here it is!

Notes | Reports

The ability to create, store and send notes to your reports has been a feature in Coyote for some time now, although previously limited to the most recent public note.

With this release, you can choose to include or exclude notes in your reports, based on the following criteria:

  • Private or Public
  • Pinned or Unpinned
  • Date created
  • Created by (user)

For example, you can now choose to include all notes created by a specific user in one of your custom reports.


Submit a request

We’re continually making improvements behind the scenes and fixing more bugs. This month, we’ve also made changes to the Coyote API and updated the mapping engine to the latest version of Google Maps.

If you’ve got a suggestion for a new feature you’d like to see in the next Coyote update, complete the form below or email your suggestion to

Technical support is available via email:


Coyote Software launches data logging service

Coyote Software has launched a managed data logging service for commercial real estate teams, freeing up time and resources for CRE companies whilst actively building their own proprietary database of comparables.

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