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Consolidate market data with your CRE data

No denying there’s a lot of data to crunch in real estate – whether you’re in acquisitions, asset management or involved in the disposal of an asset.

You’ve been collecting CRE data for weeks, months, years even – but how do you create true value? Introduce contextual relevance by applying third-party market data from sources like specialist research providers, market availability or maps?

Knowing where to find this market data is one thing, but how do you begin to apply it to the disparate data sets you own, without a team of data scientists?

What if there was a better way? That way is Coyote.

The benefits of Coyote’s integrations and partnerships

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Contextual relevance

Enrich your property data with valuable third-party data – a seamless experience when browsing your assets in Coyote.

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One place to store all your data

Store reports, research documents, surveys, maps and other information for all of your assets.

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Quicker, more informed decisions

Turbocharge your ability to gather and analyze data – invaluable when making your next investment decision.

Overlay market data on your existing CRE data

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More features our clients love

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Access anytime

Work faster and smarter with Coyote.

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Consolidated rent roll data

Aggregate rent roll data from multiple property management systems in Coyote.

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Ecosystem for CRE

Coyote gives you access to many other apps and integrations – providing contextual relevance to your existing data.

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Custom reporting

The most powerful custom reporting engine on the market. Of course we’d say that, but it’s true.

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