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De-risk decision making with coyote

Many innovations in the PropTech sector have transformed real estate over the last couple of years. Almost every facet of the business is now digital – for every problem, exists a tech solution.

However, this transformation has presented a problem in itself. The modern asset manager or acquisition team find themselves with an array of technology at their disposal – and with this, numerous systems to manage.

Keeping track of multiple systems, not to mention the inefficiencies of logging in to numerous platforms dozens of times per day, can distract from the task at hand.

What if there was a way to aggregate and unify all other systems, using a single platform?

That way is Coyote.

The benefits of Coyote’s ecosystem

Coyote dashboard - Coyote Software

Future proofing

Instant access to a growing network of best-in-class real estate and proptech providers, via the Coyote dashboard.

Amplify business intelligence icon - Coyote Software

Amplify business intelligence

Get the bigger picture when your data is in one place – view it, analyze it, report on it, and ultimately get more value from it.

Data in data out icon - Coyote Software

Flexibility and control

Every data point in Coyote is based on an API feed – easy data in, easy data out.

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More features our clients love

Access anytime icon - Coyote Software

Access anytime

Access your property data at any time, from anywhere, and from any device with Coyote.

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Consolidated tenancy data icon - Coyote Software

Consolidated rent roll data

Aggregate rent roll data from multiple property management systems in Coyote.

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Commercial property ecosystem icon - Coyote Software

Ecosystem for CRE

Coyote gives you access to many other apps and integrations – providing contextual relevance to your existing data.

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Custom reports icon - Coyote Software

Custom reporting

The most powerful custom reporting engine on the market. Of course we’d say that, but it’s true.

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