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Market Data Partnerships

View the latest industry research and insights directly in Coyote

Infabode is a content platform packed with CRE market insights from over 900 major content providers. It provides property professionals with a research tool to filter more than 600,000 pages of real estate content.

We’ve partnered with Infabode to serve contextually relevant research directly within Coyote.

You’ll see market news, insights and research documents related to the sector and location of any asset.

Infabode is the ‘home of real estate information’

What's the benefit of viewing Infabode data in Coyote?

Efficiency and improved productivity

Save logging into multiple platforms – no need to leave the Coyote interface to get the research, reports and news you need.

Contextually relevant results

Viewing an office asset in New York? You’ll only see Infabode results relating to New York or office class assets in Coyote.

Greater market insight

Enhance your understanding of the latest trends and gain intelligence on one specific asset or across an entire portfolio.

How does the Infabode integration work?

We’ve developed an API-based interface, which enables us to query and serve Infabode content using criteria relevant to an asset or an asset group (Fund, Vehicle, Portfolio).

To help serve contextually relevant content, we use location and asset class filters. So, if you’re browsing a logistics park in New Jersey, you’ll see reports on logistics class assets, and regional market reports for New Jersey.

This process happens in milliseconds, so when you query an asset in Coyote, you see the Infabode content instantly, right there in the research panel of Coyote.

Access Infabode research, news and insight without leaving Coyote

Coyote’s other integrations

Integrations and partnerships are at the heart of what we do.

Coyote also integrates with many other specialist data providers and commercial property platforms, like:

Power-up your property data with Infabode and Coyote

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