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Market Data Partnerships

Leverage the power of your TRAMPS data with Coyote

TRAMPS is the No.1 property management system for managing agents. By bringing TRAMPS data into Coyote, we help make the data as valuable for asset managers as it is for accountants and financial controllers.

Using TRAMPS, Yardi, MRI, Qube?
Coyote is your single source of truth.

What’s the benefit of seeing TRAMPS data in Coyote?

Maximize portfolio income

Immediately see issues in a portfolio. Key risks and opportunities are highlighted including vacancies, expiring leases, delinquencies and upcoming rent reviews.

Consolidate data sources

Coyote not only provides a centralized dashboard for TRAMPS but for all of your property management systems, so that you can consolidate multiple data sources.

Easily compare

Coyote gives you a daily snapshot of your property data, making it easy to roll back the clock and instantly compare two data sets; for example – Q2 vs Q3.

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How does the TRAMPS integration work?

Coyote automatically imports property and transaction data from TRAMPS on a nightly basis, using a secure .csv export.

If you update an asset record in TRAMPS, you’ll see the change reflected in Coyote the following morning.

Coyote can also integrate multiple instances of TRAMPS (or any other property management system), to give you one central location for all your property data.


Coyote’s other integrations

Integrations and partnerships are at the heart of what we do.

Coyote also integrates with many other property management solutions, including:

Get more out of your TRAMPS data with Coyote

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