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View WiredScore certifications directly in Coyote

WiredScore is the real estate rating scheme that provides certification for buildings, based on digital infrastructure and connectivity.

It provides landlords and prospective owners with Wired Certification – a transparent rating system that tells them everything they need to know about the strength of the digital infrastructure for a building.

What’s the benefit of viewing WiredScore data in Coyote?

Reduce logins

View WiredScore certifications directly in Coyote – which saves logging into multiple systems.

Portfolio context

Compare certifications in an area and quickly understand how the building’s connectivity ranks amongst the competition.

Greater insight

Identify connectivity benefits for your buildings and promote them to lease faster and increase asset value.

How does the WiredScore integration work?

We’ve developed an API-based interface that enables us to display up-to-the-minute digital connectivity information and certification scores in Coyote.

WiredScore data is presented in the advanced map view of Coyote, meaning that you can toggle WiredScore certifications on or off, for any location you search.

You’ll see certifications for your buildings (if they’re WiredScore Certified), and for all other certified buildings.

Wiredscore gif

Coyote’s other integrations

Integrations and partnerships are the foundation of the Coyote ecosystem.

We also integrate with many other specialized data providers, including:

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