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Market Data Partnerships

Log introductions from brokers

Track ALL inbound introductions

A tool built to log and manage broker
introductions across multiple teams.
Track deals from the point of introduction.

The #1 rated software
for acquisition teams

Your CRM for investment opps

Information received directly is sector relevant and tailored to your interest in the market. Make that data work for you.

Arrange a demo for
your investment team

Stronger broker relationships

CRE is built on strong relationships & Coyote is built on relationship management.
Focus on the best-performing brokers.

See how you can get
the most from your brokers

Enabling better collaboration

“We’re seeing clients form stronger relationships with broker partners, especially in larger businesses where introduction tracking was previously inconsistent.”

Webinar for Acquisition Teams

Upcoming Webinar:
Tech for Acquisition Teams

Webinar for Acquisition Teams

Register for the webinar on May 10, 2022, to see how successful acquisition teams at Aegon, HIH Real Estate & LandSec use technology to optimize investments.

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