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Deal pipeline management for acquisition teams

Track your pipeline

Don’t rely on Excel for your pipeline. Start tracking pipeline properly and increase your team’s capacity for managing deals, without increasing your team.

Discover why acquisition teams choose Coyote

Total transparency

With our robust pipeline tracking tool, you can focus on the important tasks and effortlessly keep everyone in the loop – from asset managers to accounting and finance teams.

Monitor your deal pipeline more effectively

Third-party access

Bring key stakeholders into any opportunity or transaction – you set the permissions at asset, fund or vehicle level; grant access to legal, environmental or financial partners.

Get a demo of the #1 software for acquisition teams

Your deal tracking pipeline

“We customise the deal stages, the key stats that you see in the acquisition dashboard, plus all deal and investor reports. Basically, everything is done for you.”

The smartest way to monitor your pipeline

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A powerful database

“Coyote’s Market platform has proved invaluable to Cordatus, allowing us to maximise property intelligence from investment opportunities and assimilate information faster and more efficiently.”

Webinar for Acquisition Teams

Upcoming Webinar:
Powering investments

Webinar for Acquisition Teams

Join us on May 10, 2022, to see how successful acquisition teams at Aegon, HIH Real Estate & LandSec use Coyote to optimize investment opportunities.

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