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Market Data Partnerships

Helping acquisition teams to track the market

Log all opportunities

Stop throwing away valuable data and start logging ALL of your transaction opportunities to empower your acquisition team to act faster than the competition.

Make the most of the data you're already receiving

CRM for commercial investments

Save investment comps and transaction history, search and filter historic deals in seconds, collaborate with multiple teams across many locations.

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Never be without access

Data is one of your most valuable assets, so don’t find yourself without it. Optimized for mobile and tablet, Coyote enables you to manage opportunities on the go.

See how easy it is to manage your office on the go

Quicker decision making

“Coyote allows us to track our market comparables better and manage our current deal flow, ultimately enabling us to make quicker well-informed investment decisions than in the past.”

The competitive advantage

“Many of our clients are realising the power of the data they’re already sitting on, and leveraging that advantage.”

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Doing deals the smarter way

“Coyote gives me a granular view of the deals that we’re working on across 14 countries and enables our teams to collaborate more effectively, which is especially useful for a pan-European business like M7.”

Webinar for Acquisition Teams

Unlock the power of your
real estate data

Webinar for Acquisition Teams

On Tue, 12th July, learn how successful acquisition teams at Aegon, HIH Real Estate, and LandSec use Coyote to optimise investment opportunities.

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Act quicker with Coyote

“Coyote enables us to log every potential acquisition in one central place and is accessible across multiple devices at the touch of a button, which is essential for the team to act quickly on investment opportunities.”

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