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Understand risk & your exposure better

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to income

View contextually relevant market insights alongside all your existing tenancy data. Identify risks to income quicker and act faster.

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Filter through tenancy data from multiple sources and quickly measure your exposure to a certain tenant, sector or location.

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You can’t control the market – but you can make sure that you’re prepared to react no matter what eventuality gets thrown your way.

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Understand your position and act quicker

“As a former asset manager, I know that instinct and experience count for a lot…but nothing can backup a decision more firmly than data.”

Webinar for Asset Managers

Upcoming Webinar:
Optimizing Asset Management

Webinar for Asset Managers

Join us on July 19, 2022, to see how successful asset managers like M7, Picton and Chancerygate are using Coyote to optimize asset management opportunities.

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What's my exposure to retail?

Understanding your exposure to a specific market or sector is more important than ever before, Johnnie Simms explains how Coyote is helping asset managers answer similar questions instantly.

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